A spam experiment: 1u.rs

Dear all readers,


I happened to stumble upon a list of available 2-letter domain names in the .rs domain space, and figured I’d get one just for the fun of it. I ended up settling on 1u.rs, as it could stand for 1 URL: Really Short, and I had wanted to run a public URL shortener for a while. So I purchased it, and began work on the URL shortener.


I am using yourls, a very flexible and extensible open source URL shortener written in php. I chose it partly because it’s what I run on my private URL shorteners, and also because it has extremely good plugins written for it, which could help cut down on spam (this was going to be a public URL shortener, after all). I installed several antispam as well as quality-of-life plugins so the users can easily create and share short URLs, and set it in action.


So far, I haven’t received any shortened URLs from anyone except myself, which lead me to write this post. I would like anyone interested to use 1u.rs for their shortening needs, and to tell their friends. In addition, another point of this post (and the reason I called it an experiment) was to try and get some spammers to find it. Yes, that’s right, I said spammers. I would be interested to see if the plugins I have installed can compete with the volume of spam that gets posted to URL shorteners. I do have quite a few plugins installed, including ip blacklist checks, domain blacklist checks, the new invisible recaptcha, and more. So spammers, let’s have at it, and see how well my system can stand up :-). The link: https://1u.rs/.


Anyway, that’s all for now, and I might be posting some more articles about how I modified some plugins to work or work better in yourls.




Jamuary — a Month of Music

This was my idea, following on from articles I’ve read from EDM Prod about how to grow as a musician. Anyway, I would like to officially propose the month of January 2017 to be a music making and growth month. I’m calling it Jamuary (thanks to Billy for the name). The point of the month is to grow as a producer, artist, or band, in any way you feel fit. I would make a few recommendations though:


  • Try to do something every day that relates to music, and something that challenges you. Don’t just scroll through presets, instead, try to create your own preset. Instead of making a simple loop then giving up, challenge yourself to make an entire song — whether this takes a week or a month, it doesn’t matter. The point is to really push your boundaries. This is the only way to grow as a producer (as mentioned, there are some great articles and ebooks on EDM Prod that go into further detail on this).
  • Challenge yourself to actually finish something (or multiple things). If you’ve never done much with music before, try to make a full 16 bar loop. If you’ve never finished an entire song before, do that. The point is to finish something, and to do it completely. This will push you in ways you don’t usually, and that is the way to grow.
  • If you’re stuck, try recreating a song by someone to the letter. This has enormous potential for growth, as you will be learning good habits if you do the recreation the same way the producer originally did, and will push you a large amount (again, thanks EDM Prod).
  • Overall, just have fun! Remember that at the end of  the day many of us (hopefully all of us) want to have fun creating music, so make that your goal.


I will be putting links in this post as more info is added, pages created, etc, so check back often. For now though, please share this page with everyone who might be interested.





GNU Social Event on 2mb.social.

Facebook Event.

the case of the multiplying arguments (oh no!) in dokuwiki

Once again, I’m back with a web application related post:

This time, it’s dokuwiki. I didn’t notice it myself, perhaps because it only crops up under certain situations, but someone on my wiki told me when they saved a page, it showed up as wiki/pagedo=edit. This was strange, so I started investigating. I finally got it to be reproduceable when logging in, out, then back in again. It ended up with a link like wiki/pagedo=logoutdo=login or similar.

My first thought for this issue was my nginx config, which ended up being correct. If you’re experiencing this, and followed a guide where you rewrite something like ^/(.*)/ to /doku.php?page=$1$args, then you’re missing one small symbol: &

You need to replace that rewrite with /doku.php?page=$1&$args. Otherwise, under certain circumstances (and I still don’t know why it doesn’t happen all the time), the first argument will end up as part of the page. So page will turn into pagedo=edit, etc.

Hope this helped!


P.S. If you’re interested in the wiki I’m talking about (the one that now works properly), you can visit it here.

Fun Stuff to See!

Today I’d like to let you know about a site my friend recently resurrected from the grave. It was once a site that someone put up with fun/funny/amusing things on it, but the site got sold or taken down or something. Anyway, about the time it was being taken down my friend mirrored it, and has put it up for all to enjoy. You can visit it here, and feel free to suggest anything you’d like to see on it.

Be warned, however, that some of the content on this site could be considered slightly offensive to certain people, and it’s certainly not for everyone. Though, as long as you’re not too uptight, it should be a good site to visit. Also know that it is hosted on a cloud at cost vps. If you want to support this blog while buying a server for your testing needs, you can enter my email, [email protected], as who referred you.